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  1. Add new or change EU#4 to no-rules & limits server

    Suggestion Name: Add a no-rules server or change EU#4 to no-rules server Suggestion Description: Add a no-rules & limits server to TruckersMP. If there is no space for adding, then change EU#4 to No-Rules& limits server. Any example images: yes Why should it be added?: MP just add the speed limiter because of reducing accidents and "improve simulation", but this very idea, adding the speed limiter, was deviating the meaning of simulation, add a no-rules server can both reducing the accident and achieve the idea of "improve simulation" and even recover the losing players. See "drug decriminalization" and "same-sex marriage issues". I am looking forward to an answer of the people who boast themself as advanced democratic country. Plus 05:10 05/04/2018 GMT0: But even Free-roam server has the limiter right?
  2. Quick Shifting Skills (for mouse & keyboard users)

    Many drivers might found that shifting occupied a part of speed up process and lower the acceleration. But there're several ways that can reduce or avoid that, Using the Auto/Manual shifting function of ETS2/ATS. Now I First define Auto/Manual shifting switch as '1'. define Force auto shift up as '2'. define Force auto shift down as '3'. And I'll provide 3 ways quick shifting... 1. Short latency shifting skill First set "Adaptive automatic transmission" to "High power mode", you can find it at Options/Controls. When engine rpm comes up "OVER" 2000, Double click '1' as fast as you can, than you can get a shorter shifting latency. When shift down, rpm should lower than 1000 to do it. 2. No latency shifting skill First set "Adaptive automatic transmission" to "High power mode". Switch to auto mode. When rpm comes "CLOSE TO" 2000, click '1' and '2' at the same time, (If over, it might jump gear and you'll get full latency) you'll shift up with no latency. When shift down, first switch to auto mode, and click '1' '3'. 3. No latency shifting skill with macros. Shifting up Shifting down You should mind that shifting up at full throttle on three ways. That's all, I've made a sample video. Hope it helps you getting a quicker shifting speed.
  3. Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    ^ Nope, using DLC's contents will get autokicked.
  4. United Kingdom you would come some players a bit is what he is.

    Well, I'm a right side driver, but I do go UK rarely. I'm waiting the rework of UK by SCS.
  5. Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    Well, the DLC contents is forbidden in MP, but not include the MODE! But looks like escort vehicles could not be seen by other players, even would be penetrate by others.
  6. Favorite trailer in ATS or ETS2?

    All Kind of coolliner, Looks cool and beautiful
  7. Is this new update useful in both ATS & ETS2?

    This is not affecting me, my headlight is always ON
  8. What is your favorite truck and any comments?

    DAF for Modded Truck Benz for the others
  9. Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    I do set it to 100% to handle in CDR, but this is not an usual way to stop the truck, it's not realistic and might scared others behind you. If someone knows that break intensity can set to over 100%……
  10. Pilots on Multiplayer? It works!

    However, it couldn't be seen by other players. :-( Although other trucks run into the pilot but NC. lol
  11. "follow" function is not working

    As the title, I couldn't found myself in ets2map instead of "The page you are looking for cannot be found."
  12. ETS2Map Megathread

    /follow URL is not working now.
  13. Ets2map Megathread

    2016/02/29 GMT0 05:12 ets2mp is not working now.