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  1. You are in the most safe side with record video and report it in website. I do it all time if im driving in the online and i don't feels good to let them go after that they hiting us or reckless driving so they never learn their faults. I will say record it while you playing online so you don't feels getting destoryed by reckless players I have never seen a player i was try to click report in game and they still not get catch
  2. I think the reason people only are nearly always there from C-D because they think it's funny to see like real traffic or because these people just don't have DLC or they just don't want to buy them cause they get banned alot times for ramming from C - D so they will only spend money for game and not whole game with dlc for risk their money going for nothing. Keeps me far from this C-D because people get banned all the time. They all hit each other and drive like crazy
  3. If you mean the first truck that I own, it was Scania 500R if I remember correctly. But before I earned the money to buy my own truck, I rented trucks to do jobs, so I used a mix truck, but I just never drove a Renualt or Ivenco. My favorite truck is Scania
  4. I have just like to drive in randoms routes and listing music and the road front me ?
  5. Yeah but that's what im talking about so people know what im talking about what it can also call for new truck model because with led and mirrow while it's same model name but just my way to talk about the newer version of the mercedes actros....
  6. Hello, I just wanna to know about they have plan to put the new model of the Mercedes Actros truck these with camera as mirrow and led headlight? Whould be awesome if the truck are into the game ?
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