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  1. Firstly, in my tmp playtime i've never banned or kicked. What i say is In this speed limited version it is just boring, you dont even have to pay attention anymore, you can just fall asleep while going, if there is a people in front of you, you are forced to watch his trailers back for eternity. Maybe there could be a arcade version with preferred collision. Like people who want it would turn on, who dont want could turn off the collision with a button in tab menu or somewhere. I assume they lose a lot players of this, can be me in weeks because this way is just too boring even if you go along with your friends.
  2. yeah i meant arcade with collision when i said another simulation server, as you said like old days. yeah it is more sensible to make the game only simulation, when they can do both. Even though people want collision without speed limits.
  3. As in topic, i think the way we cant just speed is pretty boring. We cant pass any truck, what are the purposes of multiple lanes anymore? Ofc there are people who like realistically with speed limit but there are people who like without speed limit too.
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