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  1. Yes, you can like my world the starter and some BBS, recruitment, report interface classification, etc
  2. who konw what is ''rec'' and ''ban'' in the game who can tell me?
  3. I found the road there are a lot of the police car with police uniform, but the people who is not really a GM why there are these people?
  4. 你好,我没有看到你加了我,但幸运的是我添加了你的蒸汽,请检查steam
  5. 你好,我想加入一个vtc,简体中文,谁可以让我加入
  6. Yes, but just a man who has a good computer, I basic not to go
  7. Why is the voice of the car in the game like tractor I hate
  8. ? When I finish this photo, my car after 5 seconds to turn over
  9. Yes, every time I won't be close to there, because my computer is very card so that the game crash
  10. yeah i think too but i Look not to understand In-game report, in particular, often because they don't know English and don't understand, this is very angry
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