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    I have no hope in this world, but you make me happy a little.
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      thankyou 🙂

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      Thank you and stay safe!!

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  4. dont worry there is always traffic
  5. Happy birthday

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      [C-S] karol_domag

      Thank you very much 'Lennox. for the birthday wishes.

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  9. Thanks for your help, I did it and it came to a conclusion, the only problem I have is that when im driving in a secluded place and 80 or more players appear in the tab at once, and at that time the fps drops. it happens and then it goes back to normal. I wanted to know if this problem is the same for everyone or if there is a solution that I can fix?
  10. Hello, there is nothing to worry about in version 1.50. everyone has this problem. my graphics card is RTX 3060 12 GB Gaming. I play the game in ultra quality, but many times the grass on the side of the road doesn't load or it loads after a while. this is really unbelievable. also, I have heard from people that when they run the game, the game keeps dropping fps. this happened to me too, and I am not at all satisfied with this version. I can say that version 1.49 was the best version. before version 1.50 came, everything was fine, I was playing with high fps, but now in version 1.50, I see fps drops.
  11. hey I noticed it last night on a youtube video and I was driving on the c-d road last night and there was a lot of traffic.
  12. Happy birthday ❤️‍🔥

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