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  1. @Somehow Lucky, thank you for your suggestion. I also researched the highway lights leaving the city before. The current signal timing is 50 seconds of green time for both the through lanes and exit ramp, and the cycle length is 135 seconds, which I think the TruckersMP team put a lot of effort into this. I would suggest adjusting the green time for the through lanes to 31 seconds and switching the current leading left turn light to a lagging left turn light to prevent queue spillback from the entrance ramp, reducing the cycle length to 110 seconds by assigning the lagging left turn green time. While this is not related to my post, it just my observations and opinions. I think some people may have misunderstood what I meant about enjoyable traffic jams. What I actually meant was that there are a lot of truckers waiting around for the green light, not that there is actual traffic congestion. I suggested adding a traffic light at the station because I noticed that the admins sometimes receive reports of the station road being blocked. I believe this could be a solution that would reduce the workload for the game moderation team.
  2. I believe that congestion will reduce with this signal timing because the current traffic light in TruckersMP is using the default green time (15 seconds). Increasing the green time to 45 seconds for the major junction will reduce congestion. With a leading signal for the station, it can avoid conflict points from each side. If there is a traffic light at the station, I believe many players will form a queue and move smoothly one by one. As my reply to Kaan, the NCZ issue can be resolved with a leading green time and by keeping distance from each other. In the second image you uploaded, I think we should investigate whether the issue is caused by too much traffic flow or if there is an accident ahead that caused some players blocked the road. If the flow rate is too high, configuring the traffic light to provide a longer red time from upstream is one method to manage the flow rate. I hope the TruckersMP team may use Smart Signs for this motorway in the future.
  3. Hello Kaan. The traffic light for the major junction will stay green, so the players will have a chance to keep their distance and create a gap after exiting the station.
  4. The proposed traffic lights are synchronized via the semaphore profile, with a cycle length of 83 seconds and a leading 12 seconds green light for the station. I think the players will comply with this light because some players have already complied with the existing light.
  5. The cycle length of this proposed signal timing is 83 seconds, taking into consideration that the truck headway is about 5 seconds. The green time for minor roads is 30 seconds, while the major green time is 45 seconds. The signal at the service station is half cycle, which means it is 41.5 seconds to accommodate the 83 seconds cycle length. The critical movement volume is 240 vehicles per hour, which means that in 15 minutes, there will be 60 vehicles passing through. I estimate that at least 5 truckers can pass through the intersection with 30 seconds of green light. This proposed signal timing can reduce congestion and keep the intersection in under-saturated conditions. I hope you will love this signal timing proposal.
  6. Suggestion Name: Improve current traffic light phase Suggestion Description: Custom traffic lights that may help truckers entering and exiting the Calais service station more safely Any example images: No images, but I have uploaded the video to show the current Calais in TruckersMP and how it looks with my custom traffic lights Why should it be added?: At the moment, Calais has traffic lights at the intersection but no traffic light for the service station, make it challenging for many players to enter or exit the station I have read the blog post titled "Project Update: Back to Basics" by our Project Manager, Jeronimo. He mentioned that "we had implemented map changes to improve traffic flow, but users were never asked for input, and after the fact signals reached me of players indicating that their 'fun factor' had been taken away and that we had made things more 'boring'. Through the survey, we learned that 65% of the respondents preferred driving in highly populated areas, and that 81% did not mind traffic jams. In fact, many pointed out that dense traffic (or, as others coined it, 'chaos') is what makes our multiplayer environment so enjoyable for them. One of the key reasons players mention why they play on our servers is because they like the interaction with other users, and that highly populated areas make it challenging and interactive. This thus raised the question whether traffic flow improvements is something we should have strived for; efficiency at the cost of fun!?" My idea aims to resolve a specific issue where some players will report "blocking" when someone exits the service station and gets stuck at the intersection due to a red traffic light. Based on my specialized knowledge in traffic light signal timing and phase planning, I believe that my custom traffic light design can improve traffic flow without sacrificing the fun factor. I have consulted with players on the TruckersMP Discord channel, and some players expressed concern about whether my custom traffic light design would still keep Calais highly populated. In my design, the red light lasts up to 54 seconds (currently it is 23 seconds), which will line up more players in Calais and create enjoyable "traffic jams". For TruckersMP, I believe with this traffic lights can help enhance the gameplay experience for all truckers by designing a traffic lights phase that balances efficiency and fun.
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