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  1. 我添加了你的steam,请同意一下
  2. 感谢你把这样指令整理起来,这些对我来说很有用
  3. My first car was a Scania R and was bought with a bank loan
  4. Here are some common TMP pop-up solutions that we want to solve everyone's problem!!! 1. The figure shows that the current TMP accepts version and you have version, so you need to update your Euro Truck Simulator 2 Step down version: Open Steam, right-click On Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Properties - Beta, click on the arrow on the right, select the last one, here is just an example, not necessarily every time select 1_44-1.44x 2.The game process could not be created because of compatibility or requires administrator privileges Compatibility: Right-click TMP-Properties-Compatibility-Run the program in compatibility mode (Win7 in general). Administrator permissions: Right-click TMP to run as administrator. 3.Another program is running Workaround: Shift+Ctrl+Esc open the task manager and right-click Oka 2 to end the task 4.The following network problems can be solved by restarting TMP or replacing the VPN node !!Not much content I hope to help everyone!!
  5. Just like in life, when there is no navigation, you never know whether to go straight at the next intersection or turn
  6. It could be that people like to go through the C-D route, so there are a lot of people
  7. Thank you fellow me.Have a great day😊

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      np, Thx you have a great day too 😊

  8. Hopefully one van could be added, and there are currently only two Skodas
  9. The day has started again, and I wish you a good mood🥰

  10. It's a question I'm not good to answer, people may be trying to overtake, it's probably for thrill-seeking, I often encounter back-and-forth lane changes when driving on the C-D route and I don't understand why they do it
  11. I would choose traditional rearview mirrors because all the driving simulation games I play are traditional rearview mirrors and there are no electronic rearview mirrors, which I'm used to
  12. Sunsets at different times 🙂




  13. I am looking forward to the improvement of TMP and hope that TMP will do as well as possible
  14. But for now, simulating a 1 server is not easy to reach 4800 people.
  15. Simulation 1 is enough now, there are a lot of players in Simulation 1, and if there is Simulation 2, it will be redundant
  16. Simulation is just a broad term, the game wants to bring us fun, I don't think it is necessary to take it too seriously
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