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  1. 3 mistakes to avoid when driving in TruckersMP


    1. Speeding
      Speeding is one of the most common reasons for accidents and should be avoided.
      It takes you longer to come to a complete stop which can result in a serious accident.

    2. Distracted driving
      Texting or talking on the phone, eating and drinking, adjusting the radio or navigation system are activities which distract you from what's happening around you. Keep your eyes and mind on the road and make a stop at a safe location, if you need to attend to such activities.
    3. Failure to use the turn signal
      Failing to signal increases the risk of causing and accident, because other road users don't see in which direction you intend to turn to. Always use your turn signal before turning.


    Safe travels! 🙂


    1. HENGYA


      Good reminder

  2. 𝟔𝟔𝟔 𝐃𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐯𝐨𝐲 w/ @Leian. & @Oann. 
    On November 13, 666 Logistics will have a convoy , if you want to participate , get more information on their convoy event link! We are waiting for you!  https://truckersmp.com/events/11839 


  3. congratz admin

    1. HENGYA


      Congrats !!

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely birthday wishes!! You're all amazing, love you all ❤️ 

    1. HENGYA


      Today is your birthday, remember to have fun:HaulieLove::mlg_doge:🎂

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  5. ETS666 Monthly Convoy  spacer.png    29/10/2022  📸: Adonas


  6. 3 more Halloween WOT jobs left to do 🥰❤️:HaulieLove:1028278589331882085.webp?size=240&quality=lossless 1028278587658342492.webp?size=96&quality=lossless





    1. HENGYA


      I've done my delivery and got nice truck trims:mlg_doge:

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  7. Had an awesome Stream and Drive With these guys! Much Love ❤️ @VoidSerg @Ghost._







  8. Waiting for nightfall for the halloween convoy of TruckersMP.





  9. After 9 hours of driving, it's time for a break in the Alps.



  10. Everything comes to an end...


    I was obsessed with trucking games since I was a small kid. And this obsession I managed to carry to this day. 8 years ago, I found ETS2MP, and those 8 years changed my life. Literally. TruckersMP was my go-to place for entertainment (the only place, in fact). Suffice to say, I saw everything - from enormous lockdown online to small raids on Discord, from successful Patreon campaign to backlash over new features/limitations. And for the most parts (6.5 years) I was somewhat involved in all of that as a team member, for which I am very grateful. This community and team allowed me to boost my English skills, my communication skills and, most importantly, gave me the opportunity to boost my programming skills. I was very involved in this community and tried to be as useful as possible even in retirement.


    But now it is time to move on. I am very tired of being so concentrated/fixated on TruckersMP, and I have some criticism towards the current team. 8 years is a very long time to dedicate to only one community, no matter how welcoming and comforting they are. I need to do something else, really. I am not leaving just yet, but I won't be that much active as I was before. My TMP-related projects will live until I lose interest eventually (expect some updates about TruckersMP Steam Helper in a near future).


    TruckersMP will always be in my heart. Thank you for everything.

    1. HENGYA


      TruckersMP is not the only form of entertainment, we should focus more on life, like spending more time with your family, going out for a walk, etc:HaulieLove:

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  11. I haven't been in the forum for a week. Now that I'm back, do you miss me (your lovely duck is back)😆

  12. A snapshot of the day I forgot to take the load and traveled 1400 kilometers with the empty trailer. :mlg_doge:




  13. ❤️ I don't need a psychologist, I just need to see you.





  14. this place is so much like real life, line of traffic waiting to exit and you always get those people who pass everyone and try to cut in at the front 749401893805096990.gif?size=96&quality=lossless




    some pics from Thursday (when fourm was down) 

    929080903311958046.webp?size=96&quality=lossless :HaulieExcited:





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