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  1. TruckersMP OAuth

    Ok so i'm developing a system and i really want my users to link their TruckersMP account with their account on my system. The way i want to do it is by them linking their truckersmp account which would allow my system to automatically update their truckersmp id on my system. Have you guys got OAuth2 setup so that would be possible? If not would you guys be up for doing this?
  2. Released

    I think it should fix the trailer. what if someone rams me and my trailer gets damage. that's me losing money.
  3. Viva Trucking | Professional VTC

    Hey look at that fancy little thing I made. But it looks a tiny little different now.
  4. Happy Birthday:)

  5. Custom ETS Telemetry & other api [+video]

    Hey would you be able to create an API for this so web devs such as myself can put it to use.
  6. Tandem Trucks

    Suggestion Name: BDF Tandem Suggestion Description: BDF tandem truck pack. Any example images: at the end! Why should it be added? I feel that Dirt Devil's BDF Tandem pack should be added because it will allow users to get more unique trucks as it adds 7 different chassis for all 12 trucks in the game. It also adds some new trailers just for the tandem trucks. I and maybe some other players do like the tandem trucks.