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  1. This is great! I no longer have to wait in snail pace traffic jams. Now, how about a rework in the calais intersection, maybe a TruckersMP event similar to Operation HQ, but on a road intersection?
  2. Since Destination Hannover event begun, Hannover has quickly become an entire gridlock, at times about 60% of the city is piled up with traffic jams, that last as long as 2 hours or even longer. I think there should be an extra road were people can drive on to avoid heavy congestion
  3. Although buses are a great addition, the only downside about them, is their price. What I mean is that they are very expensive for purhcase and expensive to operate and maintain, (especially for repairs). When you buy one of them, (at default,) they cost 550+k, this also means that this bus is only available to experienced drivers, (lvl6+ eg:). For newbies (those with lvl 2) they'll have to work overwhelmingly hard with jobs just to get this vehicle. A possible outcome to this inaffordability is to probably cut down the price, maybe about 50 - 70%, down to around 180k, so it becomes affordable for the newbies who are hyped for trying out the bus
  4. Welcome to the Forum!

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