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  1. I totally agree with you, and I think a lot of players do too. But I personally don't think it will be improved by recruiting more Game Moderators. The fact that the penalty is not the same (currently) depends on the GM handling the report and his GM Trainer. This explains why the problem doesn't come from the GM but from TMP's own moderation, i.e. the Senior GMM and the senior staff... It would therefore seem (even if TMP will always say the opposite) that there is no clear scale where the penalty for a ban should be the same, regardless of which GM handles it.
  2. In other words, they're just saying that they've anonymised the reports so that their team is protected and that the limit on reports will be 10 (even though it already has been for many months...) So there are no big changes. The in-game toxicity of "rec ban" text remains the same and the number of reports processed in-game (the most important ones) is still very low, unfortunately, so I understand when you say that you don't understand much, because it's a huge amount of text for very little information.
  3. The best GM we never had on the TMP Community... hope you'll get back soon my best duck ❤️

  4. Happy birthday ! 🎉

    1. EL KEES

      EL KEES

      Anthoooo, Thank you very much ❤️

  5. Congrats @.mth. ! You joined now officially the Game Moderation team as a big clown after @Truckerdan_TMP 😅

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      Haha thanks Antho! 😆

  6. It's a good idea to have added this, but why are the cargoes only 1 tonne? Where's the logic again?
  7. [OCSC Event] Antho

    TMP Bans

    Because we're used to a strict punishment system... If we thought differently, example allowing players to continue playing on arcade servers that don't include collisions, this would allow players who have broken the rules to continue to flourish while having limited access. This would certainly also limit ban evading, which means more work for the TMP teams.
  8. [OCSC Event] Antho

    TMP Bans

    That's clearly a nice idea. TMP should work on it, since many years many ppl are thinking like your idea but apparently as I heard from TMP, they won't add it due to the fact they think ppl who get banned will not learned their errors by always having access to the servers (like example here arcade). I think also, it's rude from TMP to ban the players on ETS2 and ATS (every servers).. If you was banned on ETS, why should we get banned too on ATS ? That's 2 different games, with the same rules of course, but the system of punishment on TMP is already strict so maybe they should add your idea on their system yes...
  9. I had to follow the best hedgehog 😅

  10. This is not only on C-D It's clearly the same situation everywhere, we can also see it during convoys on public servers or event server, on every servers and everywhere... Ok on my screen, it was on C-D but this situation can happen clearly everywhere... And that's not a question about the fact I'm sensible or similar but just the fact it's just clearly anti community
  11. I dont talk about me but about the players who do/did that. But if you think it can stay on the tchat, no problem. Of course, we can see many others things that are clearly worse but this kind of comments "rec" is just to say "yeahhhhh, I'm so happy to see that due to me, this guy will not play anymore"... it's just a kind of child behaviour... It's not a violation of the rule 1.6. (or if it was, many who did that should be banned lol) maybe 80% of the players lol. But I clearly agree with you for that : Their main intention is likely to intimidate other players while distracting from their own mistakes. I always found this kind of behavior annoying and unnecessary. Like you told, it's unnecessary and shouldn't be on tmp.
  12. Suggestion name : "Banning in-game hate comments" Suggestion description : The "rec", "ban", "report", "enjoy your ban", ... comments are clearly anti-community and I don't think they should be allowed to appear freely on TruckersMP. I explain why in the last title. Example image : Why it should be added : Hello everyone and the TruckersMP staff, I've noticed many times in game, not to say countless times, people writing "rec", "ban", "enjoy your ban", etc etc etc.... These kinds of comments make those who send them feel powerful, in the sense that they're letting the user to whom the message is addressed know that they're, in some way, happy to see him/her get banned. But aren't we on a game, which certainly includes rules of conduct (which few players have read), but above all isn't this clearly anti-community behaviour? We're also noticing a lot of players with the in-game TAG "REC". What is their real goal? To show that any player who doesn't respect the rules will be banned? Wouldn't it be better to ban these in-game comments? I'm not talking about banning players, but about banning this kind of comment from the game. I've spoken to a TruckersMP staff member who also agrees that this sort of thing isn't really something we should be seeing in-game. In the best of cases, people are of course free to make reports by recording the situations, and send them to TruckersMP to improve everyone's gaming experience, but why write it in-game? And above all, why allow it? I think this kind of comments is becoming far too prominent on the game and viral, and should really stop, otherwise it spoils the fun of going to TruckersMP. Thanks to have read my suggestion, and hope this one will be accepted in the goal of receiving feedbacks from the community.
  13. Happy Birthday Rusty Bhai ! ❤️

  14. God ! You seems to be very popular ! 8/13 rank and your reputation ! wow ! Congrats @Werzey* ^^

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      Thanks for following! :HaulieLove:

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      Thank you! :HaulieLove: 

  15. Ohhhhhh thanks for your follow my little Barbecue 😅 🥰

  16. Now it's important to say "when will TMP reach the 6.000.000 accounts ?"
  17. Hello @ArcticYuki, Sometimes this happens for no reason at all. Simply choose the folder path of your game again in the launcher settings, even if the path is correct. It may seem a weird thing to do, but it seems to work. Otherwise, the old launcher still works fine, if you want it to, I still have it
  18. already ? Wow you seems to be a good Lemon 😅 by the way Congrats ^^

  19. Congrats for your promotion @LemonJuicee (and good luck 😅)

  20. Happy birthday @Caernage ! (One of the best "former" 😅 TMP Staff)

    1. Caernage


      Merci Antho! "Former" est un bien grand mot, mais je te comprends 😂

  21. As other members have said, players who do this are doing it to avoid being kicked off the server. And indeed, writing nothing or just writing several "a"'s or anything else that doesn't mean anything in the text cannot be banned.
  22. Congrats @mth. (yours is necessary 😅)

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      Thanks!! 😄

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