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  1. Yea, I thought first "should I post there?" but after a sec I thought again "probably they won't even see" so I post it here to hear what other players thing about it. And also yea, I can imagine their wishlist is very long and this is understandable. But still, you're right. I'll take your sugestion and also gonna post it there, thanks!
  2. Yes! These are some of the things i think about while playing, all the time. Would be great with some of these features. I'm tired of trying mods just because to get a bit more realistic experience. I understand why some features are not easy to add to the game. Ets2 is an old game and even though they've been developing for years, adding some features to the game still seems technically difficult as I understand. But, But... It doesn't look like we will see a new euro truck game in the near future, so this one needs to improve lots of things for sure. Hopefully we can see at least some of these features in the game soon.
  3. Oh thank you for the kind words sir! And yes, if the developers decide to do this, I'm sure they'll make a much better version.
  4. Yessir, I agree with everything you said ? And about my topic I also agree with you, not a big change but still would be nice. I'm watching trucker vlogs all the time and I see them dealing with this frequently and I just wish it was in the game. I'm not a developer either but I know a few things. I can tell it's not an easy feature to make but also it's not that hard either, at least as I know. And I think this feature would be way better with your ideas. Love the challenges! ??
  5. So, in real life as you know, truckers can carry more than one load at a time to different companies. they set their route and they deliver the cargos one by one. so I've been waiting for this feature for a long time but I haven't even seen this feature discussed anywhere. (if so i'm sorry, I missed maybe) It would be nice if we could get other jobs if it's on our way and also the decision making part would be nice like "Which cargo should I deliver first? Which route should I take?" etc. I gave up about other things I want like stickers on truck, interior lighting without mods but, for this feature, I'll keep waiting. ? (sorry if i made a language mistake, english is not my native)
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