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  1. There should have been a collision-free zone inside the cities, and it is still a question mark as to why this was not the case Practically, the presence of 300 people in a small city like Lyon was not possible
  2. Despite the great efforts of the game directors, the early problems of the caravan had almost drained everyone's energy. These convoys were very useful for the American game and made the American server a little crowded. Unfortunately, the high volume of players in Eurotrack did not allow loading in the city of Lyon. The lag and frame drops were very annoying and even getting out of the caravan parking lot was very difficult and the trucks were thrown into the sky. It was expected that the city of origin and the destination of the region would not collide The players who saw this situation went to Genoa City, but there was disharmony and many were kicked from the server. However, I would like to express my special thanks to the team of managers who guided the caravan route with their efforts
  3. This is one of the most important principles for accident prevention
  4. Banning them may change their behavior a little My advice to them is to play Forza 5 This game is to achieve relaxation and not excitement Unfortunately, if they want excitement, they have to go to the arcade server
  5. Maybe the route can be changed and reconstructed a little to make things better For the inexperienced, this road is deadly. Usually they make mistakes
  6. I also agree that at least half of the accidents are caused by Turks However, I think you have the record for reporting 70 times This figure is very high xd
  7. Here is the strange thing Many people are not afraid that they might be banned
  8. It would be good if they overtook, but the problem is that they don't overtake and continue on their way with a very close distance behind the front trailer. and puts both parties at risk
  9. This has become a serious problem at Eurotrack Unfortunately, many drivers do not keep a safe distance of 100 meters from the trailer in front of them This driving mode can be seen on the Calais route and in many Eurotruck convoys In addition, it violates the rights of the front trailer and makes it impossible for the driver to brake and slow down easily in the bends of the road. And this fear is always with him that they will hit him from behind I ask everyone who sees this post to keep a safe distance Please allow the driver to slow down in corners without fear Observance of this simple matter can prevent many accidents
  10. I agree with you, this road needs changes These changes can be the type of road design For example, to prevent overtaking the opposite lane, the middle of the road can be protected with a guard rail, or another lane can be added and a light pole can be added to this road. The next thing that is very dangerous is the sometimes dangerous turns that cause accidents at high speed. You can change these screws to a better state to avoid accidents. The next thing is related to the gas station, which creates most of the traffic, and they should avoid this road in general. This is the part where game developers can help. In addition to the mandatory speed of up to 75 km/h, the rest depends on the player himself and his behavior. Please give a solution
  11. Your comment was very complete and accurate In my opinion, changes should be made for the points you said For example, the location of the gas station should be at least 5 km away from the Calais road My suggestion is that the speed on this road should be 75 or maximum 80 km/h Maybe it will increase the time to reach the distance for everyone, but it will reduce the number of accidents In many cases, drivers crash at a speed of 110 km/h
  12. In my opinion, it is better for Trackers MP to promote and culture the correct driving practices on their cargo trailers in their events.
  13. In your opinion, to what extent have punitive policies and prohibition been helpful? It seems that to a large extent we do not see intentional collisions on the Calais road and this number is low But still, this road has a very high percentage of collisions, which is the burden of most of the reports on the trackers site The reasons for these collisions can be the lack of proper distance with the front trailer, wrong overtaking, very low speed or very high speed What do you think ? What is your suggestion ? What do you think this road needs to be improved? Does it need to be renovated?
  14. It seems that the details should be brought up a bit for the game The offer to create a car wash is a great offer You must allow for the gradual dirtiness of the trailer on the roads and the clouding of the windows and the need for washing and washing. My second suggestion is that the trailers are damaged in appearance during the accident and the appearance and shape of the trailer is changed after the accident. My third suggestion is the possibility of snowfall in addition to rain, and try to better display spring, summer, autumn, and winter in all 4 seasons and have separate seasons.
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