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  2. There is no feeling as enjoyable as listening to Music in the game. So I hope this kind of information will be very useful for most people. Thank you for the information, my friend.
  3. Welcome to the Truckers MP forum site, my friend. 🤍

  4. Thank you for the follow-up. 🤍






  5. Teşekkür ederim takibin için. 🤍




  6. I think you mentioned a very justified topic. But the truck made above looks like an excellent vehicle. I probably know the owner. but really, as you mentioned, the Daf 2021 and Renault Magnum are fridge trucks that look like a car.
  7. Whiτe.


    When do you think this renewal will come for C-D? No one expects an update to come for the C-D path no matter what it does. Because only Brussels junction has been updated since the game came out. The availability of better quality and remarkable content on the road that everyone wants can increase the popularity of this road, and only Truckers MP has updated the Brussels intersection by himself. It's not an update from scs. That's why we want Truckers MP to make these types of known ways better quality by the players. What happens if C-D is renewed? I don't think we'll have much of a player breakup if the C-D path is refreshed or updated. Because it's a path known to everyone. As my previous answer, the better the quality of this road, the better it will be for Truckers MP. Do you think they will only increase the texture quality or will they make a highway like in real life? I think they can do both. The texture quality can be good for those with a low system. But I don't know if the FPS will drop or not. Because the game is based on reality and Simulation, it can be a genre highway found in real life. I think everyone will like it. What would the TMP density situation in a highway situation? Players scatter across regions of the map, hit another road, or are still driving on the C-D route? There should be a highway known as the C-D road. Because the C-D road is a road that received its popularity at first. If the issue of the highway is introduced and videotaped by famous people or if Truckers MP makes a broadcast that everyone can hear, there may be intensity. - There is no such thing as our disbanded players necessarily driving on the C-D road. They may be switching to different maps. What kind of renewal would you like? I think I've answered this question in the previous questions, man. Good games to all Friends. Kind Regards...
  8. Scattering of players ? There are excellent roads in the Map Section. But 90% of all players are trying to hang out on the D-C road or kirkenes, which is popular with everyone. Most people don't want to go to different places because no one is trying to travel or tour different places. For example, there are hidden routes that are new to Truckers MP. Truckers are the roads that MP cares about. No one knows much. I recommend everyone to go there. I Wish All My Friends a Good Game. Kind Regards...
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    @Hawk '==\/=='

  10. What is the tir brand that you code the most as a Save Edit? You can share the photo of the Truck you made. Scania 730 R
  11. When is MP going to let us use custom truck mods ? Of course, such a thought could be beautiful. But for this, there must be something like a Partnership with Scs. Because Truckers MP is a game that creates the game from scratch. That's why the more support we have for Truckers MP, the better it will be among the managers. Have a nice game, my friends. Kind Regards...
  12. Welcome to the Truckers MP form, my friend. 🤍

  13. Mostly the routes I use; Dlc: Düsseldorf-Lille Petrol Station As for wanting dlc, I usually get stuck on the Kirkenes Mine Road. Excellent and preferable routes on two routes. But because we have some ridiculous drivers, we can taste it whether we want to or not. For this, I recommend driving calmly and carefully. Either way, you may need to make this default. Have a nice game for everyone. Kind Regards...
  14. Kirkenes Time... 🤍



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      Good Truck 🙂👌🏻

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant Photo 😍🥰❤️:HaulieLove:

  15. Aventurnik d-c yolu🤍



  16. Daf 🧡



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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant Photos 😍🥰❤️:HaulieLove:

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      Great Job White. :love: :HaulieLove:

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    1. Black Alcoa

      Black Alcoa

      Great Truck.. 😍

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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      Awesome Photo White. :love: :HaulieLove:

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