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  1. uzun zaman sonra yeni bir foto 💜



    1. pofii


      Great photo 🙂

    2. 'HakanBey


      Nice Truck!

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant Photo, Scania + trailer 😍🥰❤️:HaulieLove:

  2. Welcome to the TruckersMP Forum Site, my friend. Good luck.

    1. Dion2000


      Thanks, thank you for your greeting!

  3. At first, TruckersMP should review all of its rules by location. Because when he does an unknown situation, it can cause him to be banned in the game. This is how I wrote it. But thanks for all the information, mate.
  4. Hello Friend; As we know, the Duisburg-Calais road has a very important place in my opinion on TruckersMP. Because most of TruckersMP users are playing on this road, including me. The starting part of the Düsseldorf exit to Calais road, which has been brought according to the old one, has been a very logical update. But I would like to bring an update about the speed limit of crowded parts and highway-style places. Kind regards...
  5. Happy birthday, may all your wishes come true as you enter the new year. 🎂

  6. Happy birthday bro. 🎂

  7. May the new age bring you happiness, peace and health. Happy Birthday my friend. 🎂

  8. Happy birthday my friend, may your party be legendary. Happy Birthday glad you exist!  🎂

  9. May the new age bring you health, peace and happiness. 🎂

  10. Happy birthday and many more happy years, my friend. 🎂

  11. Welcome to the TruckersMP Forum Site, my friend.

  12. If you say on TruckersMP, there is no speed limit on Europe 1, Europe 2, Europe 3 servers, which was known to everyone in the past.
  13. Thanks for the follow Whiτe : D 

  14. Thanks for the follow. ?



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