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  1. I have a good question what is stored in my navcache file and if I delete it will I get faster loading times?
  2. hi snowy

    1. Snowy20.


      Hello :HaulieExcited:

    2. Michael1516


      hope you are well!!!

  3. has it finally been updated to 1.47
  4. I drive automatic in ats tmp and fuel and shifting is way off. I need the truck to shift lower than it should I was wondering if I could edit game files to make it automatic to shift lower than 1500 sometimes. is that possible? if so how would I go about that?

  6. Miss you brother. you were so nice. Have a great rest. we love you

  7. Doing well. Christmas is finally over. Now it's time to get back to the shape of things.

  8. Hi shadows hope your well


    1. Shadows.


      Like wise bud

  9. Just got done with a heavy haul with some friends and it was fun.


  10.  strongly agree as with snow mods and physics

    I don't even reach speeds above 80 KMH in ETS2 and over 60 mph in ats as it limits steering. I've noticed a lot of late reactions as if there are a backup people don't even use breaks and just ram into the people in front of them or they don't go UNDER the speed limit as they are supposed too. I Run physics and I have barely got into one accident. 

  11. Driving on Truckers mp with snow mods. love snow mods and enjoying going slow as everyone else is going mock 20. lol. stay safe out there in the safe hands of Md Logistics and Wesh the kitty cat. love you Wesh!

  12. Love the idea. I think it is a very invasive idea!
  13. Michael1516

    Head lamps

    So, I was wondering why the pattern of the headlamps are aiming in the sky and not on the ground like they need to fix that.
  14. Well i have not been on here much so for now on I will. So, I'm Michael and I love trucking

    1. blabberbeak


      Welcome to the forums, @Michael1516. 🙂

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