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  1. Hey, thanks for your attention~

  2. The day has started again, and I wish you a good mood🥰

  3. May have a relationship with the official online, because do not need to comply with the rules of the game, can arbitrarily add mods
  4. When the first DAF came with an electronic rearview mirror, I was surprised. I felt that the era of gaming was evolving, and it was all cloud media convergence! It's new things being opened up, and I like it, but I feel awkward, maybe I'm not used to it。 When you are in the game you will use the rearview mirror, when I am in the game, I will open the F2 external rear-view mirror, have observed other vehicles (in multiplayer online mode, such as analog 1 server), but I go in the arcade server, I will shut down these things, arcade server, can bring racing, benefits without rules. Conventional rearview mirror VS electronic cloud data rearview mirror? Which would you choose? Can you tell me?
  5. It's new things being opened up, and I like it, but I feel awkward, maybe I'm not used to it
  6. spacer.png


    Tony's birthday party


    Me and my friend Karol_domag [GM]and  Bello QAQ

    @[C-S] karol_domag  @Bello QAQ


  7. me @[C-S] karol_domag This is a photo of Tony's birthday party yesterday
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