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  1. Wanted to post a pic here aswell :HaulieExcited:


  2. Heya Yuhtin, I guess, since you already know your RAM is "not enough", it's possibly coming from that. You should upgrade your RAM to at least 32GB if you want a pretty much smooth gameplay, in areas with a high player rate. Also you're connection is good. It can depend on, where you are living. Users with, an "Asian Server" (you know what I mean), do sometimes have problems joining the EU Servers because of the IP's and stuff. Not an expert, but I hope I could give you some usefull information. Kind regards, Single Turbo
  3. Thanks for your follow! :HaulieLove:

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    1. 'HakanBey


      You're welcome ❤️

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  7. Alles Gute Sabbi ! ! 🎉🎂

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  9. Hello dear TruckersMP players, I bought the Tobii Eyetracker 5 a few months ago. The eye tracker itself works really well and without any problems. However, if I start Euro Truck Simulator 2 or TMP and want to play normally, everything works great until I move my mouse. If I'm in the first person view and just look around with my head so that the eyetracker takes over the movement, it works perfectly, but as soon as I move my mouse in the third person view, in the menu, the settings or on the map, the game starts to lag incredibly. In case someone has the same problem, here is the solution that worked for me: I found out that it has something to do with Tobii's Experience software, because as soon as I close it I don't have any more lags. The eyetracker then logically no longer works. Well I've tried a number of solutions from the internet and from Tobii's Support, but none of them really helped. In fact, I found the problem myself and was able to solve it. In itself, it is not due to the experience software, but to Discord, more precisely to the Discord overlay. Very simple, you have to turn this off in the Discord settings, lo and behold, it all works without any problems. Kind regards, Single Turbo
  10. Happy Birthday ! ! ! 🎉

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