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  1. Yeah, unfortunately next session I had a car chase me and repeatedly side swipe me. I was calmly crossing a bridge minding my own business. Such a shame as do like the MP version, but might have to stick to the AI!
  2. Thx for all your comments. The other driver, flipped as well (head on, high speed) and immediately disappeared (Alt F4?). So unable to get a name. I'll move on..., and put it down to a bad evening.
  3. So after several years, I'm back on ETS ? After 2 game sessions, I've come across several people intentionally crashing into me, last one even announced on voice chat "Collision incoming... 3... 2... 1...". And I'm just driving along, enjoying the views, following the rules of the road. If this is normal, it's going to kill the game for me - so asking first. Is this a normal thing nowadays? Cheers, S. ( "Intentional", not "intention".... ? )
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