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  1. It worked, i updated my graphic card driver and cheked the game files on steam. Then i started playing and everything is working. Thanks
  2. When i was doing a job from (¿?) to Milan - i saw that the road was like a pixel rainbow or something (image 2 - image 3). I keep driving for about 20KM and then my game crash, i restarted the game and the bug happened again. So i took another route... everything was perfect i even saw other players but... (image 1 - image 4) the same bug happened again but in other road :/. My game crashed again so i just stopped playing. IDK if this is a bug from the game itself or truckersmp. I dont have others mods just the Scandinavian and Going East DLCs | Sorry for my english and the quality of the photos I was thinking of re-install the game but idk if is going to work
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