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  1. Totally agree I have never understood the purpose of the cars (apart from being used by moderators or convoy control in official events) I personally feel the cars should only be allowed in the arcade server, but most definitely not simulation 1! In my opinion, there is absolutely no need for anybody to just drive around in a car.
  2. I personally wouldn’t say another gas station is needed. I would say they just need to make the current gas stations bigger and make them so they are further away from the main road to allow for traffic
  3. This is definitely an interesting suggestion! It’s easy to say to report the user in the in-game report system but 9 times out of 10 the report just times out, and although you can then submit the report online that doesn’t fix the problem of somebody blocking traffic for however many minutes, which not only frustrates everybody especially if there’s no way around, it causes tailbacks and traffic! There definitely does have to be some sort of priority or solution to people deliberately blocking traffic, although I don’t know what the solution is!
  4. My suggestion would be to hide the camera lens in photo mode whilst playing truckersMP Why should it be added? A number of players use third-party programs like GeForce freestyle to take screenshots. when we play single player, we would have a mod enabled to hide the photo mode, menus and lens, but on TMP the only way to take photos is the in-game photo mode because you can’t hide the lens and this makes taking screenshots very difficult, especially if you have changed GeForce color settings, which don’t show up on the standard in-game screenshots
  5. I find reading the chats difficult enough because the text is pretty small and I am visually impaired, however this suggestion is to actually remove the red text (like messages by staff during convoys/You’ve been kicked etc) why should this be added? It’s very difficult to read the red text! It’s extremely easy to be kicked from the server because you don’t see the red text message that popping up reminding you to move. I feel like replacing these Red messages which are important to a BOLD BRIGHT color will stand out, be much easier to read
  6. under the current Rules regarding Bans, after the expiry date, they will remain on record (and active) for the next 12 months. My suggestion is to reduce this to possibly 6 months. I understand that some people could have multiple active bans with no regard to the actual rules, but i feel Reducing the length for say certain types of bans would be great. (For example, if you are banned for 7-14 days then these could stay active for a shorter period of time than bans issued for 28+ days) why should it be added? Recently TMP reduced permanent bans to just 90 days because people’s attitude to the rules could change. I feel like the more severe bans, should stay active for longer, or the more bans you have should be active for longer, and people who had been banned for a short period of time should be active for a shorter period of time.
  7. So I’m pretty new to using “Forum” and I’ve been looking at the suggestions section. However, I see that people can still comment/vote for suggestions made as long as 4 years ago!! I feel like this is a long time to originally submit your suggestion with currently no end in sight for a possible decision to be made My suggestion To have some sort of expiry date for new suggestions, which could be a standard 6 months, or set by staff who approve the suggestion. after this expiry date, staff would decide to proceed with the suggestion or decline it based on the reaction it has got. The expiry date could even be extended if staff feel like it has not got enough reaction to make a decision. Why should this be added? It would just make much more sense to have some sort of expiry date for new suggestions than people submitting them to still be open 4 years later.
  8. Martin_V

    Players card!

    I also love this idea. what is the purpose of making suggestions and then being open for discussion? If four years later people are still commenting whether they like the idea or not surely there should be an expiry date for any suggestion made?
  9. My suggestion is to have the ability to set/change waypoints in world map while driving, without having to pull over which you currently have to do. why should this be added? Well most of us would set a route, maybe change it at some point to explore new roads etc, we would obviously do this before we set off. sometimes we want to adjust the route for a number of reasons like, missing your turning, deciding to take a detour etc. We are already able to view the world map while driving and change the zoom level of it, so i personally think it would be good to be able to interact with it to adjust waypoints rather than having to pull over.
  10. My suggestion is to bring out a mobile app for iOS and android (Like Trucky). The purpose of this app is basically to make it much easier and a convenient way to access Content, which you would from the website like Your VTC page upcoming events create/view reports forum live map i know i would use it, as there is so much content on the website, it can get overwhelming where to look etc.
  11. It would be pretty good if there was a full time event server. This Would be used ONLY for VTC’s doing their daily/weekly PRIVATE convoys. There would be no public free roaming, and the only people you could come across is another VTC convoy. why should it be added? well, there are a lot of VTC’s out there which offer their drivers daily/weekly Private convoys. These type of convoys do not need a proper Event server (like the big public events) but are also not private events if being done on a public server. Having a dedicated full time events server will all a safe place to host their Private Convoys without the stress of dealing with the public in sim 1! This suggestion came about during our private convoy today, and the other drivers actually liked the idea! Sometimes doing convoys on a public server is a bit challenging because public don’t care about you/yourVTC convoy.
  12. ignore this, previous post was posted twice but unable to delete was told can only edit second message.
  13. Done a few routes and i’m still a little unsure what i think of it. The idea of buses in game is just amazing! But i feel personally the bus is really basic! The brakes are horrible, very little way of customising and i personally not a lover of 3 doors.. I’m more of a coach person, and would love to see a coach in the game in the future! some Areas of TruckersMP today were totally crazy, i mean you can’t even keep the servers clear of trolls and people who just drive like maniacs, people driving cars was bad enough, now got to deal with Bus drivers too! Reporting system is totally messed up, 14 day reports still waiting whole some from 4/5 days ago, accepted. rather than buses, I would’ve personally liked the ability to use truck customisation mods officially in-game. i’ll do a couple if trips a week, but apart from that i’ll stick to trucking or Fernbus. rating is 3/10, But this could change in future of the possibilities of future development are endless
  14. Didn’t think there was because I’ve been thinking for awhile I wish you could do that.
  15. Hello all, First Forum post so i apologies if this question has been asked somewhere else. so in TMP you have to be fully stopped to go into main menu to set a route etc, however is it possible to be able to change the route while still driving? I mean how many of us attend convoys and we try set the route up correctly, but our waypoint is in wrong place which just messes up your remaining distance left.
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