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  1. Hi @Trand and @General18 sorry for not getting back sooner but work been hectic, it seemed to of fixed it self over the last few fixed TMP sent out but i did notice when i went to Control setup the Acc Brake and Clutch axis all showed 50% in use [as in photo} but a tap on the Acc and would reset them all to normal. Running G29 Wheel and Pedals with a G25 H Shifter - Running updated GHub [after a uninstalling and new install, to see if that helped] Pupz
  2. Thank you for getting back to me @General18 yes i can teleport to other garages now but the revving is still there - like i said its not game breaking or its the game telling me to get the deliveries moving lol Thanks again Pupz
  3. First thing big shout out to you guy for all your hard work I've just updated to 1.44 and started a session in MP - as soon as I load in to my home garage my truck is revving itself silly. (yes i checked drivers/key binding etc) but a quick tap on pedal stops it so not overly game breaking. Next issue i have is then I goto travel to another garage and the game shuts down and im back to desk top. (i have also tried this in base game with out any issues) I have no mods in either folders and have only my DLC's on. Any help in finding a solution would be apricated so i can continue Trucking Many thanks Pupz
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