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  1. Thanks guy, I'll stick with ETS2 multiplayer mode, thanks all
  2. It was the crazy on power mods that made me leave. I think I'll stay on ETS2 MP
  3. ETS2 MP is really good, but is it worth coming back to TMP?
  4. By continuing to ban players for genuine accidents!
  5. Have the game mods attitudes improved and therefore I can come back?
  6. Why not just do what you think is best? There is simulation then going overboard. Can't stand those VTC that require a player to essentially upload a CV to join?! It's a game..... As for the handbook, inbox me and I'll send you one from someone who admins one of the top 5
  7. I like the larger convoys, I enjoy watching the "public" all drive off in a rush together and crash. I then teleport out. I don't actively take part in convoys though. To much lag
  8. Whatever the highest paid job is for less milage when I deliver... Players that play like the map points in the map are usually the trolls and probably don't have a life. Why drive up and down the same roads? At least by doing a career-mode type play you're achieving something.
  9. I don't understand why people say o/ when hi is just as many characters. I also don't understand why people say "nub" why not just say noob? are people really that triggered by the word noob? Edit having "lag" in your tag as if "lag" is a reasonable excuse to drive recklessly! and wintermod...
  10. i just want to see barriers on the side of the road so no one can over take illegal, park up and force lag for youtube views...
  11. I'll just wait, I'm not tuning in but thanks
  12. Common sense dictates this to be correct but common sense isn't so common anymore. Will buses have their own jobs on TMP? Just wondering whether it's worth coming back to TMP or sticking with SP Convoys
  13. i do this route on an almost daily basis to earn money very quickly
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if at one point, TMP just caves in and allows this as normal behaviour or we all end up being mods ? I've gone back to SP Convoys as servers have 125+ players, the players in it are more "career mode" orientated and you end up having 100+ member job convoys across the map. There was this one amusing time where the host kept being yelled at as there was an incident where a new to ETS2 player accused another player of ramming and took a video. So we all watched the video as there was a huge debate and the new player ended up being wrong ? that is literally the only time there was an incident. SP Convoys there are less to 0 trolls in general.
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