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  1. Thanks for the suggestion but the issue is still there
  2. I also just tried changing the version of the game and now the sounds work does that mean I have a hidden mod ?
  3. Nope, I've tried reinstalling truckersmp and ets 2 and my volume on ets 2 is all the way up on ever single audio setting ive tried updating my audio drivers on my mother board itself and on the audio device i also tried switching to differant outputs but still nothing the only thing i see that is weird is that in the config file the s_output_driver "" setting is empty and i ashume it should have something there but regenerating the config file hasnt worked either so im lost. Just checked with a friend and his config file also has s_output_driver "" with nothing in there and his sound works so thats not it.
  4. Hi people, I've recently got a issue with my ETS 2 where no sound is playing through the game, I've tried alot of solutions I've found online verifying game files , updating motherboard bios , sound drivers , reinstalling ETS 2 , removing all mods/dlcs and simply changing my default output device on windows all of those "fixes" have worked for others but none have worked for me and I'm now stumped with no fixes online working. I've tried also deleting my config file and let the game regenerate the file and it didn't work. I converted the config file to a txt file so I can upload it here maybe it'll help config.txt
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