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  1. Good Work! And great that you caught and fixed the logs issue before it caused any problems.
  2. It was a nice experience, Real Ops is of course my favourite TruckersMP - how could it not be, but I unfortunately did not get to experience, as many scenarios as in previous time, despite playing for the whole four hours. I found this a shame - I heard that many scenarios where only visible for some of the time and this meant that, while there were more scenarios, many people like myself actually ended up experiencing less than normal. So, overall it was a mix of good and bad for me.
  3. Can't wait! This is always my favourite event and it looks better than ever!
  4. Great improvement to the Job Dispatcher, and much needed. It's a bit of a shame it took so long, but at least its here now.
  5. Thanks for the follow :HaulieLove:

    1. tropicaltrucker


      Thanks for the follow back! 😃

  6. Suggestion Name: Improvement to the icon to indicate a player is typing to the chat Suggestion Description: Instead of displaying the icon whenever someone has chat open, change it to display the icon whenever there is a letter in the chat box. And also only display the icon when the first character is not '/'. Why should it be added?: This will improve both the accuracy of the system to show when someone is more likely to actually be typing, but also adds a bit of privacy to it - allowing people to type commands and pm others without anyone else knowing. It would also mean that if someone is just driving along with that chat open it does not permanently display the icon, which seems a bit silly otherwise. While I don't know the exact details of how this would be implemented I would have thought it should be fairly straight forward to check there is something in the chat box and that the first character is not '/'.
  7. Some great quality of life improvements for users, this is great to see - keep up the amazing work!
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