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  1. I never wanted to play TMP in the BETA. I just mentioned that the developers could have updated TMP to the BETA so it doesn't take too long when the full version comes out (they obviously shouldn't release the tmp beta build!)
  2. okay well I'm just being used to developers updating their mods during beta periods on other games.. alright thank you for your answers
  3. this is a truck game. Go play bus simulator if you want buses
  4. The cars are made for trolling, nothing else. Why add a car into a truck simulator? No one uses for serious activities.
  5. if you want driving licence tests, that make the game "very realistic" then go outside and drive a real car or truck, thats very realistic. This is still a game!
  6. if you want driving licence tests and permanent bans then go outside and drive a real car or truck, this is still a game!
  7. The 1.50 version has been in beta for almost 1 month so I don't get it why they don't work on the update during the beta period and roll it out as soon as the stable release comes out.
  8. Thank you for sharing this website. I just ordered the Marco PW3 Marine Horn Chrome for my John Deere Lawn Mower
  9. Thanks. Im more curious about acceleration because I want to quickly drive away if some idiots try to inappropiately overtake me
  10. what would the be the truck (or car) configuration for the fastest acceleration??
  11. HeyGuys, I've seen sometines that people have custom themes or "skins" for their truckersmp UI. how can I get this? king regards - me
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