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  1. This is not about TruckersMP, but around 4 years ago I was at my cousins house and he had a PC which he had ETS2 on, I played that game and I got addicted first minute I hopped on, but then my mother called me to go back home and I didn't want to and just wanted to keep on playing ETS2, those we're really fun times. ?
  2. Hey, I use Windows 10, I have had Windows 11 but since it was buggy in the beginning and it felt like it was taking away a little bit of performance, I just uninstalled it, as it wasn't even stable. My input and output we're changing randomly, so I couldn't hear people on my discord and they couldn't hear me as well.
  3. Thanks for the follow :HaulieLove:

  4. Hey, I feel like they put the price a little bit higher, due to the game receiving lately loads of updates and improvement. Not 100% sure about this, could be even something different, this is just my thought.
  5. Hey! The Volvo, has a good Engine aswell as a big fuel tank, which is why I enjoy it for longer rides.
  6. Hey, I like driving in the dark, but there are some "bad" stuff about it, you can't really enjoy the beautiful scenery which is why I mostly drive in the day. But night time is like very chill which is why I like it, and put some Spotify in the background on. ?
  7. Hello everyone, My question is on how you all play TMP Active, some actually play ETS2 as their one game as they enjoy it and some actually only play once they join a VTC, as it kinda gives some more motivation I should say. I have played with some of my friends 2-3 years ago, and I liked it but when they stopped playing I stopped aswell as it got boring and I had nobody to truck with me, and once I got my steering wheel 1 year ago I started playing again and after around 2 months I have stopped, until like 2 months ago I have joined a VTC, and now I am actively playing again and have people to truck with me. ?
  8. Well yeah, of course Scania has better Acceleration but you need to slow down a lot on even small turns otherwise you're going to tip over and your Truck will just die. I gave the Volvo a try and it has loads of fuel in it and doesn't tip over. This answered my question, thanks.
  9. As of now, I have around 70 hours on ETS2, I usually do 1-2 Jobs ranging from 500km+ and after that, I just hop off and go on another game.
  10. Well, thanks all for your comments! I'll play around with the Volvos and the Scanias and give them both a try, since it makes a big difference carrying heavy cargo. ?
  11. Well, while driving without people around is kinda boring, so I prefer driving in large cities, as that's where most of the action happens and you actually have to follow traffic laws to not bump into eachother, that makes it more fun.
  12. Well, yeah of course it's not going to be a racing game haha, alright well thanks I might switch to the Volvo as it even has a nice big fuel tank for longer distances. ?
  13. So I was wondering, what Truck has the most Power, I am currently using a Scania with the Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack but it doesn't pull a lot, and feels slow and the Scania is just a tower that likes to tip over. Which Truck has great handling and is very fast? If there is a Tuning Pack required please state it, thanks.
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