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  1. †Bloody Mary†

    Do you own Schwarzmuller & Krone DLC?

    only Schwarzmuelle
  2. ^ahaha and you are right, many can close their eyes through this section of the road
  3. †Bloody Mary†

    Christmas DLC

    Maybe a Christmas trailer will be introduced and it would be very cool
  4. @[Asgard] artemarmia1992 SCS Software тебе сюда
  5. †Bloody Mary†

    Общие вопросы

    @[SDR]_Ro[n]ni По поводу твоего вопроса!!! сохранения происходит автоматически когда вы в игре и крутите баранку!!!!!! По поводу второго вопроса!! [путь Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\steam_profiles]
  6. †Bloody Mary†

    Wintermod for ATS MP

    they haven't made a card for ATS where there is winter and the gamemode itself for winter for ATS
  7. †Bloody Mary†

    EU1: What are the most frequent areas?

  8. †Bloody Mary†

    Problem update 1.26

    @Di4bLOo some time ago released a new version in steam but multiplayer is not supported on this version you should wait until multiplayer will support this version
  9. †Bloody Mary†

    H&V Logistyka Polska | 20/25

    good company
  10. Drunk huh


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    2. Mirko9


      @ResTed look at the virus, im coming for you xD

    3. FirestarteR93


      ^Kick him out of the VTC for not having "drunk" tag



    4. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

       He not skilled enough :D