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  1. Feels like they reworked the wrong town XD. I didn't see an issue with Duisburg. But Calais is always packed full.
  2. Wouldn't be as easy tho. Skoda's are so much smaller than trucks, this is what let's em drive almost like a bike, filtering through traffic. A truck wouldn't be as rapid and agile, and would tip more frequently, not fit where the Skoda can.
  3. Unfortunately it is not possible to single out the individual in such a large player base, so it's natural that I group of players is generalised under how the majority act. Heck even Viva trucking has an ad on TFM poking fun at pilot cars. If it was unacceptable, the Devs would not have put that ad in game. If this isn't a sign that even the Devs know there is a pilot car issue, I don't know what is
  4. Well said. The allegation IS in fact against non donating players, it's logical that people would be less inclined to cause mischief if there was some form of barrier for the car. I got one wouldn't want to spend money on a game and get banned. I would like to say I am correct in saying (through my own experience) that never ONCE in my history on TMP have I been hit recklessly by a patreon driver. There may have been the odd swerve to avoid an accident, but it was never not justified. Just a quick /fix, apologies in chat, and on our way. 9/10 Patrons of TMP donate because they want to see the game improve and thrive. They wouldn't be going around causing mischief. If you want to play Burnout, play Burnout, don't download TMP and cause havoc. It's a trucking SIM, not City Car Driving SIM. Limiting access to only admins (police), and convoy pilots makes the most sense, as that is for the simulation. If the player needs to get places, they can fast travel, or use a truck. There is also the job dispatcher if you want to unlock a certain town, just take a job to that town.
  5. I have been banned a few times for mistakes I will admit we're in my control. Granted the most recent one month ban for typing "f*CK you" to a dirty driver was a little surprise, but overall, I have had little gripes with the ban and rule system. What are your guy's/gals/non binary pals experience with the system? Any interesting/funny stories? Any frustrating moments? Unique appeals?
  6. It is a shame that people with no malicious intent suffer from the old rule, but is there a way to track why a player gets banned? Understandable if it was a player with few bans, maybe for pulling out without looking both ways, in that case it would make sense to avoid a perm ban. But if it is a repeat offender, it makes sense to perm ban them, as it is clear that they don't learn the lesson. History of a player is crucial when enforcing rules like these, and keeping an eye on them during the evade/unban
  7. As a recruitment director in my VTC, I can confirm that number is quite accurate
  8. The problem with ai traffic would be how it loads. It'll add a whole new slew of lag issues, as people who are way off in the distance will have their own traffic. In more populated areas it wouldn't be as bad, as the spawned traffic will be shared with multiple users, but solo drivers out in dlc territory could have an impact on the servers reliability. Maybe a different server with ai would work?
  9. Now filtering would make sense XD If we make scout cars a patreon exclusive thing, I think there would definitely be a reduced number of trolls. Unfortunately there will never be a permanent solution to trolls, but having a system to reduce the numbers would be nice
  10. It's probably the way it's built. Must be a part of the windshield itself that causes the smudging. I'm gonna see how it's placed on the truck and try figure out how it might be fixed In theory it's just a few floats. I think the main problem would be making the menu for tweaking it.
  11. You're right, forgot about the cooldown. In that case it does make sense to give the bus a /fix. Just thinking programming wise how that'll work, using tags or whatnot. Because players could find a way to save edit and make their scouts "buses" by changing the files. I don't have enough knowledge in code to say for sure, but playing devil's advocate here, we don't want people breaking it and using /fix on scouts
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