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  1. Why has my report been nearly a week? Why has no one dealt with it

    1. Ping Fan - TMP

      Ping Fan - TMP

      Hi  @Godzilla, cute

      The only thing you can do is to wait ?

  2. Hello, are there any restrictions on website reporting

    1. Miyu*


      §1.4 - Reporting users


      Any breaches of the below rules might result in a 30 day ban from our report system for a first offense, and a permanent ban for a second offense, and will lead to your report getting rejected.


      • The evidence you provide cannot have been recorded more than 14 days ago.
      • The evidence you provide us must be available for the length of the ban applied, plus thirty days. Evidence for permanent bans must be available forever.
      • Reports for reasons mentioned under §2 must have video evidence. Evidence exceeding 2 minutes in length must have a timestamp attached in the report.
      • Evidence submitted in the report should not be modified (cropped, retouched or blurred) in a way that affects the context of the violation. Videos can only be cropped time-wise.
      • Evidence submitted may only be uploaded to websites that offer an on-site video player. Evidence that requires downloading files will not be accepted.
      • Evidence of inappropriate use of language, impersonation of any kind and inappropriate content, in the text chat must show the full chat open.
      • Evidence containing insults or otherwise offensive marks from the reporter won't be accepted and the reporter might be banned for inappropriate use of language, depending on the severity.
      • Ban Evading violations cannot be reported to the TruckersMP Team, such violations are handled through internal processes.
      • You can not report players with evidence that has not been recorded in-game by yourself.
      • Spamming our report system with useless reports, reports using continuous freecam (Cam 0) to record, or anything similar.
      • Asking staff to handle your report with priority is not permitted.
      • It is not allowed to report the same user again if your report against them was declined. The complaint must be addressed to the Game Moderation Management through the feedback system.
      • Reporting TruckersMP staff members must be done through the feedback system.
      • For some basic guidelines on reporting, please refer to this article.
    2. Ping Fan - TMP

      Ping Fan - TMP

      Hello ! @Godzilla, cute

      You can also refer to the following Chinese guide ?


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