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  1. Goodluck in your new role buddy!

  2. Goodluck in your new role buddy!

    1. Callum.


      Thank you! ?

  3. Thanks for the follow! ❤️


  4. Thanks for the follow ❤️


    1. Handanovic


      Thank you too! :) 


  5. When the brother resets the router and can't figure out why the custom password no longer works. :troll:

  6. Nothing better than a good week off work! :D

    1. Fading


      Well there probably are more things that are a lot better...

    2. Fezz98


      To be quite honest, I could think of quite a few. :troll:

    3. Smalley


      Lucky you lol :P 

  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a good one!

  8. Can't wait for Italy to come out. :P


    1. mentaş


      interesting ways are waiting for us:huh:

    2. Smalley


      You’re not the only one :D 

    3. Fezz98


      I think we should go on one big massive drive when it comes out. :D


  9. I should really start using the forums more. :P


  10. Im really loving how quiet the roads are right now! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fezz98


      I dont need to, i didn't update my game. :P

    3. CrepOne
    4. JarFull


      That's the one good thing for me about having bad internet, I always catch it updating before it's finished :P 

  11. Going to see the new Fast and Furious tommorow. :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Ah ye fantastic film. Went to watch it yesterday with Dynamic. And the best part of the film was when Dominic... jks won't ruin it. Enjoy!




    3. Mirrland


      I saw it, it was pretty good tbf :) 

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      oh nice :D not sure when I'll see it :unsure: might just wait and get it when it comes out n dvd :P

  12. I suppose i should come up with a nickname thats better than 'kyle70001' :D

    1. tfmpillow


      Ask your friends, that's how I came up with this name! :P

    2. Fezz98


      Hahah love the creativity @..Scorpion..

  13. 242 Notifications, maybe i should come on more. :D

  14. Ty for the follow :D

    1. Donii.


      You're ever so welcome! :P

  15. To join or a vtc or not to join a vtc...

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    2. Darkstar.


      aye Kyle made you mind up yet lol :P ps that it a comment this is XD 

    3. Fezz98


      Nope no mind was made up, open to offers. :P

    4. Forraz


      VTC is always fun :)

  16. Stalker.

    1. DJ Dynamic

      DJ Dynamic

      Well I would argue, but it's true :P I mean wut

  17. That moment you come back online on the forums after a while and have over 100 notifications XD

    1. Mirrland


      indeed xD you were one of them lol

    2. RadioactivePotato
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  18. The joys of filling out reports. :unsure:

  19. Mmm Do i look for a VTC to join? Or stay solo? :unsure:

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    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Well it's just as well you have mates like me to drive with :P

    3. Fezz98


      You're never on. XD

    4. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Yeah I suppose. I've been busy with other stuff lately. 

  20. <3 Love the MP photography. ;)


    1. JarFull


      Thank you Kyle :P

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