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  1. I am in an apprenticeship. Basically you go to work for 4 days and go to professional school for 1 day. Working is awesome there. Professional school is unbearable however.
  2. Unfortunately too young to own one. But my family has a VW Tiguan from 2014 and an Opel Corsa from 2019. I like them both.
  3. CPU is AMD Ryzen 7 5700G. GPU is RTX 3060 Ti. I have 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage in total. I use a literal TV as my monitor.
  4. Yes, the driving feels more realistic now. But since I'm so used to the old physics, I mostly drifted out of control and crashed multiple times. xd
  5. Me and my family were on vacation in 2019 and a bloody idiot speeding in a Golf rear ended us. We were fine
  6. mate theyre very likely not gonna answer your questions lol
  7. My favorite color is plain white/silver
  8. TruckersMP is getting boring and repetitive. At the beginning, it was genuinely fun for me. I took it as if I was actually driving in traffic, especially since I got my first steering wheel to play with. I really wish I get to experience that again, because unfortunately, that feeling wasn’t going to stay for any longer. With the entire map, it’s completely empty and you only see players coming from the opposite way and so on. The only way you'll not get bored too easy is just to hop on the C-D road, watch the chaos, get bored afterwards and quit the game. This method got so repetitive for me to the point where I know how to drive from Zürich to Calais by heart. Every time I mount the steering wheel, I believe that I’m gonna have fun but I quit the game in disappointment in like 30 minutes or so. Also, I always worry about being banned for small mistakes that I drive like a genuine NPC and hurry things up way too quickly. I even start to sweat in high populated areas. And of course there are rule breakers that will just ruin your experience as their only source of entertainment. However, the events are fun to participate in, convoying with your friends can be fun too, but very unfortunately, I don’t have any friends that are interested in this game (well, one, but he isn’t on TMP). I like TMP and the idea of a massive multiplayer mod in ETS2, but with factors like players being on C-D only and nowhere else on the map, I'm afraid that the playerbase could decrease overtime soon.
  9. I'd love to see more trucks and map expansions to be added.
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