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  1. Happy Birthday  

  2. ^ Thank You for your reply, and also thank you for sending me a PM about your reply.. If I didn't check my emails, then I'd never come back to this post. I will be busy for the majority of the day today, but later today will I see what I can do. Do note though, that even when I do have free time, are there chances that other things might get a bigger priority than this. One of these things might require me to re-install my entire OS. But that will remain as an absolute last resort. Edit: Submitted ticket.
  3. The lack of reponse and support saddens me. I suppose I'll have to resolve to not play MP anymore...
  4. Some people might notice that this is my 2nd post regarding this issue. That's because the first one I made has been closed and moved to unsolved due to inactivity, whitch was due to lack of response. (Not from me, mind you.) As the tile says: I'm having this issue in MP where the game freezes when I try to sleep and/or quick travel to reset my economy. And before you ask: Force_economy_reset 1 Does NOT work! Do I have this issue in SP? No. Do I have any mods? No. Crashlog? Where is it located? When did this issue begin? I noticed it first on the 21st of Jan, 2016. I am hoping there will be more activity and/or helpful questions / advice here. If not, will I be forced to not play MP anymore, which I do not wish to resort to.
  5. ^I tried to locate the FAQ, but surprisngly was I unable to find it. How do I find the crashlog?
  6. Haven't played it in a while, and decided to pick it up again. But whenever I try to fast travel or sleep to reset my jobs (And progress my crew) does the game crash. (Yes I am aware of the force job reset file edit solution, but would prefer to avoid it, because I want to progress my crew in the time jump.)
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