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  1. I prefer to enjoy the scenery while pulling goods. Such a beautiful scenery can completely relax the mood and mentality of the whole person and give us a kind of unspeakable comfort. This may be the relaxation given by the scenery
  2. Maybe this road can make people feel better and not sad. Some people will fly high when they touch the car, so that you can put down the sadness and pain in your work
  3. Yea, if he really joins TMP, he will be loved by many players!
  4. Since the last update, I found from TMP's server list that simulation 2 is missing, so to speak, down. Why? Is the server unstable or?
  5. 如果你把HCT带进希尔克内斯采石场,你不应该让他一路加入。您很可能会被踢出服务器,并且不会获得印章。而且,双挂也很危险,容易卡住
  6. 我讨厌一些不讲道理的球员。他们像赛车一样开车。即便如此,如果对方玩“对不起”,我也不会担心!
  7. I like a lot of vehicles, such as DAF, SCNIA, vovl, etc. they are very good in handling. I like them very much!
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