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  1. It's been a couple of months since I posted. I dont know if u want to know me more.

    Let me renew what is new going on with me. ***Here's my story of me***

    My name is Yondi. From Canada, I started my Twitch stream in the year 2018. days have been hard and tired, 
    When I started twitch I didn't have the most time for gaming because I needed to study in school.  My mom knew that I always go to an internet cafe just to play games. The first time, she didn't mind me going. After she realized my grades are getting worst and worst.
    My mom stopped letting me go to an internet cafe. So I did what she said. But at that time i just realized i liked playing games more than studying. I went to the internet cafe one time and watched one of the twitch streamer on the big screen. i saw there was like around 1k views in that stream. so i hopped on the computer and downloaded OBS for my first time. therefore i started my first day of streaming League of legends. It wasn't a great day total got only 1 views and no followers. I was thinking what can i do if i wanna get more viewers. I did soo much hard work. still failed so i gave up for 1 year.
    2021 i started coming back to twitch streaming Euro truck simulator. Why i choose to play ETS2 you might ask me. i was inspired by one of the Taiwan VTC. i played with them 1 year and another. after i left their VTC i joint another taiwan VTC called BAP Logistics. there's when i started coming back streaming on twitch. i loved joining Convoy's and Attending Events. maybe cause of lots of trucks chilling together? i have no answer to now for this question. 
    In middle of 2022. i Joint Convoy Sercurity Group. used pretty much half of the year grinding my rank in the company. i felt like home in CSG. i just dont know why. Everyone in CSG is friendly. Took care of me as a real brotherhood. I never thought of leaving this community even tho if one day it decides to close down. As i heard CSG has been opened for 8 years. i never thought of doing something in CSG. 
    One day I was sleeping on the bed and thinking. what if i start back my twitch steam? Will i be successfull? I asked myself. Didn't have much thought gone to bed straight away. 
    Second day i decided to apply into Thermo-Liner-Group. Maybe one day i can do something in there. getting guide's from my Taiwan friends what should i do with those trucks and stuff. took me almost couple months go get along with the Style. i tried my best to customise my trucks ingame. took several days and hours to complete every truck carefully. took those pictures and applied in the thermo website. i was hopping that i will go threw. The second day it did. I was quite happy. because im not only in TLG now im also in CSG. 2 families. feels comfortable now. 

    Now im Very happy how much followers i got in my Twitch channel. never thought of having this ammount. i really appreciate the big family of Thermo-Liner-Group and Convoy-Security-Group. I love u all. 

    i know this is a long paragraph but if u read till here. that means u now know how much streach i went threw. 

    Thank you soo much for Reading. hope to see u all in my Stream one day. spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png spacer.png

  2. new logo new taste im loving it haha 


  3. 20220719102828_1.jpg.0f405fbd51918af755dc4adebdb36066.jpgnew truck new look loving it 

  4. hows everyones day today. mine is pretty normal. but the weathers here aint happy/ its been rainy for 2 days now. chill and cold. what about yours

  5. ive been having fun playing with such stylee of trucks anyone really into holland and turkish? i loved the way it sets up haha 


    check my ingur link for some great and awesome truck pics https://imgur.com/user/biomanyondi

  6. How is everyone doing today. I feel great because i just did the thing i wanted to do for soo long. maybe it isnt the right thing to do but its been in my checkbook for soo long. i had to do it. thanks for the times ive spent with all of u guys. i think im gonna have a rest for a bit. maybe see u all later. 

    my post will still be going on. stay tuned for more

  7. hi my name is Bioman, I've been playing this game for 1 year now, my account is about to be a full one year age. its actually my first time spending my hole year in Truckers mp. ive been learning lots of stuffs and meeting lots of friends i like. thanks to the community of Truckers mp and im happy to meet u all. 

    1. [ConSecGroup] Yondi

      [ConSecGroup] Yondi

      thanks to weeda and BAP Logistics. love u both 


  8. really putted soo much time in my Icon last night. came out really cool and felt awesome. this is my new icon from now on. would u leave a comment  if u liked it as well ? would be pleasure about that. hehe


  9. My new truck seems like from somewhere 20220220204418_1.thumb.jpg.f1d42dafbc9e3c6b1f30f8168141d53e.jpg

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