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    Ich bin Vielfahrer! Ich liebe den Multiplayer und fahre auch unheimlich gerne Euro Truck Simulator 2. Ich habe schon sehr viele stunden in ETS2MP verbracht. Ich fahre nur den Multiplayer. Single player? Nein, Ich liebe zwar die Promods und andere mods aber nix kann mich aus dem MP rausbekommen!!
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  1. Gute Nacht,


    Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag :love:

  2. What happens when another admin login data is passed?



    1. konfig0


      Please e-mail [email protected] if what you are saying is true.

  3. @SimulatorExperiencer Would be great if something new. Would not that be possible a mod as a car?
  4. Super nice that Blackmiller is supported
  5. There are so many opinions which speak against the cars. I was at the beginning also extremely against but mitllerweile it is already better. But they should be better regulated. The maximum speed for the cars should be extremely reduced!
  6. Significant disturbances are unfortunately extreme at the moment. It is as it looks at the Truckersmp with about 10,000 players. The servers must be prepared for this. Multiplayer is just an alpha!
  7. Where does it come that you have no clear numbers?
  8. Immer LockerFlockig

  9. bitte ich muss mit dir reden

  10. I beg to endschuldingung but I have a reason. I'm not not endbannt and I want to know why. am been banned by TruCkDr1V3r and have even angeschriebn but he edited him the (what should I do?)

    1. Scar


      I informed the admin, please have some patience now.

  11. I please to endschuldingund that I you so anschreben must bear waiting for my enbannt?

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