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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 ' American Truck Simulator ' TruckersMP ( Open World Games ) and FUN
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  1. i just see now you can apply for game moderator TMP ?

    1. Cute Rabbit

      Cute Rabbit

      ?,You can give it a try, I wish you success! I saw it too, so I went to try it too!

    2. schaunbobba


      good luck @Milky Sunflower i just tray to learn me self better enlich first

  2. i hope promods relese quickly

  3. i have hear someone how extremly busy Gamemoderater on TMP is

    i think it is to hard for me I'm just a player and me english are to bad for a job like that

    good morning or good night i don't know were your country is


  4. i want to apply for Game Moderater BY #TruckersMP 

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Hey @schaunbobba,

      In case you would like to join the Game Moderation Team of TruckersMP, I would suggest you to keep an eye out on the recruitment page. When the team is searching for new individuals to join, the recruitment will be opened and you will be able to apply if you meet the requirements. At this current moment, the GM recruitment is closed, and isn't planned to open soon. 

      Kind regards,

    2. schaunbobba


      hello @_sneaht_0810 thank you for your comment and your info can't wait to apply maybe in the  future i think.

      have nice day

    3. _sneaht_0810


      No worries, you're welcome! Have a nice day as well and best of luck for the future. 

  5. Hi every one my real name is  Shaun Bodde maybe you also know me as Schaun Bobba Schaun Bobba is me game name

    i playing ETS2 end ATS i also playing fortnite Planet coaster Planet ZOO and Call of Duty i hope i see you on the Road on TMP have a nice DAY

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