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  1. Hey... So I got some money, I have 23 garages and I dont know which one should I buy now. If you can type some of your most profitable garages it would be really awesome ^^ I appreciate every suggestion
  2. Yes, I know there is a lot of topics about this but I just had to ask for myself. Does buying trailers for my drivers increase money they earn? I always buy x2 curtainsiders, x1 refrigerated, x1 insulated and x1 container carrier. Everything is per garage. Thats why I'm asking because I feel like I'm wasting money for the trailers that I should spent on new garage and drivers.
  3. Cool, thank you for quick respond.
  4. Hey, I was playing a lot in singleplayer with a lot of mods. Do I have to remove all my mods from Document/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder before joining TruckersMP servers or can I keep it without removing anything? I'm asking because I dont want a situations where I get banned or soemthing like this
  5. No it doesn't count. I made a ticket to support and they said that I have to do at least one delivery IN TIME.
  6. I like staying in traffic just to talk with players on CB radio haha. It's hilarious sometimes
  7. Does it still count for achievement if I ran out of time for my delivery? Cuz I delivered one and I don't have my achievement
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