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  1. Deio Keios

    Profile not showing in ETS2 Mp

    not solved tried all of the thyings and it si still not working its about 2 years worth of proflie
  2. Deio Keios

    Profile not showing in ETS2 Mp

    Its werid...it works in singleplayer. I have tried verifying the game files...even dragging the game file from a older back up in still nothing....its abouts year maybe 2 in the making
  3. Deio Keios

    Profile not showing in ETS2 Mp

    I Cannot see my profile when i launch the mp...its my mp profile was working the other day. now its not any suggestion i have reinstalled both the game and mp....it frustrating.
  4. Deio Keios

    I can't launch ETS2MP

    I have never had to run it as administrator before, it very odd that need to now. I have done this and it is now working as it should. Thanks for the help
  5. Deio Keios

    I can't launch ETS2MP

    Okay, i have re installed the latest update, i click the ets2mp icon on my desktop and it launches single player. Even When i go in to the game flies and load up there its the same. It rather frustrating having re download and install the update every time i want play . I don't really know if i can give any more detail than that.
  6. Deio Keios

    I can't launch ETS2MP

    I cannot launch the ets2mp without updating the client every time. I m going to try and uninstall and re install it from scratch to see if that solves the problem, I will let you know if it works i was just wondering if any else was having same problem. I love etsmp and this is the first major problem i have had. Thanks DeioKeios