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  1. oh I haven't looked at the forum for a long time I hope everything is ok ?

  2. Ohh I'm burning so hot, anyone want to order a cold soda? 

  3. Happy Birthday ??

  4. Happy Birthday! ?

  5. Our vtc has started its activities again today, everyone is invited, I am waiting ?


    Discord-- https://discord.gg/TZSRdQwVzF

    İnstagram-- https://www.instagram.com/turkishcargo2020/

  6. Happy Birthday ?

  7. Happy Birthday! ?

  8. Happy Birthday! ?

  9. Hello Everyone, Our VTC is Open. We are waiting for everyone, Whether as a member or as a guest ?

  10. Happy birthday  ? 

  11. Thanks for your follow up

  12. Welcome back to team ?

  13. thanks for your follow up

    1. Maxi.


      Thank you for your follow.  ?

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