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  1. instead of removing the fuel places, it can be expandable as in the old duesburg entrance.
  2. Happy Birthday 🥳

  3. Doğum günün kutlu olsun, nice senelere. 

  4. Happy birthday 🎉 

  5. happy Birthday 🎂 

  6. 2022 pek güzel geçmedi inşallah yeni yıl güzel geçer
  7. Finding a gamer girl is like looking for gold in the sea anyway
  8. it's a bit of a funny question but I'm curious about your answers
  9. Können Sie ein Bild des Fehlers teilen, ich kann Ihnen entsprechend helfen.
  10. oh I haven't looked at the forum for a long time I hope everything is ok ?

  11. Ohh I'm burning so hot, anyone want to order a cold soda? 

  12. Happy Birthday ??

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