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  1. Even if there are a lot of bad drivers, I prefer by far multiplayer over single player. The bad/reckless/impatient drivers are part of the experience, and I kind of ''like'' them because they make the game feel more alive and closer to real-life driving. Every encounter with another driver can be a surprise. Well, I don't exactly like bad drivers, but I like to hate them. I'm a very safe driver, always driving defensively, recording and reporting if needed. I usually go over the posted limit when I'm alone (e.g. DLC territories, ATS) but whenever there's another driver around, I drive safely just like I would in real life. Anyways I am on WoT contracts most of the times, with my sub-600hp DAF. Can't exactly race with that! Also, I have to agree with Snow Sheltie: from my experience, ATS drivers are much more serious than ETS drivers. I never have had a bad encounter on ATS.
  2. Girls in online gaming are like unicorns: they're a myth and even if you see one, you'll never be able to catch her. Especially not with that attitude! Cheers my bro!
  3. Are there really trolls in Kirkenes? I've not been there yet but my understanding is that the average Promods player is much more serious than newer players on the base game. Agreed, thank you.
  4. Main problem with C-D is that there are too many people in way too much of a hurry. And they cause all sorts of accidents. Slow down!
  5. Agreed! And based on what we see in Eastern Texas, it's a very good sign of things to come in the future Louisiana expansion.
  6. Operation HQ for sure! The traffic jams were incredible and outside C-D for once.
  7. I also feel there is less trolling than before, even compared to just a year ago. The C-D road is often moderated and there are a lot of people recording/reporting. People on that road are usually reckless drivers who don't care about causing accidents, but not real trolls. Most real trolls - people who are on multiplayer just to mess up with other players - I encounter are usually outside C-D. The latest trolls I (unfortunately) met were just north of Innsbruck on a quiet night, not where you would expect them to be.
  8. I love driving in Colorado's mountains, they never disappoint me. Especially the town of Ouray, quite charming.
  9. People play TruckersMP because they don't want to drive alone. The C-D is where most people play, so naturally most people will go there. The rest of the map can feel empty, especially the DLCs.
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