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  1. From my short amount of time on TMP. Totally agree
  2. Thought I’d mention before people say. I don’t think trolling in discord will increase. Look back to ingame bans since 2.8 was changed has anyone noticed much different except busier more enjoyable servers. Hopefully it’ll be the same for discord.
  3. Also I would say trucks would see this better causing less risks of accidents etc. Extremely good idea
  4. Looking forward to this. How busy does the supporter convoy get compared to other official convoys
  5. Very amusing event. Learnt that Tmp staff need fire training. A bit underwhelming however for all the hype there wasn’t much. The operations you saw where amazing but there weren’t many. It would be nice for some more player interaction and involvement in the event.See you at the next event
  6. 1st it’s just evidence now showing up that tmp has lost patrons so more perks=More patrons which is what they need what’s it gonna be next they can only go to the c d road.
  7. Suggestion name: Bring haulie island to normal servers Suggestion Description:Pretty self explanatory Why it should be added:As the truckersmp community has seen over recent weeks haulie island has been an island of amazing entertainment and fun with race track and stage.Haulieisland took a lot of work from the TMP staff and users enjoyed it. I think that haulie island should be added to sim 1 and arcade with the race track which I’ve seen many users racing around it on freeroam I feel like it would be a good addition to the map for day to day. The race track is especially good as currently the only ones you can race at are on promods which some can’t afford all the dlcs for and it’s other forms of entertainment out of the normal kind of thing you tend to do in ets2/ats. Thanks for reading the suggestion.
  8. It’s clear they are adding useless perks to get more people because tmp is losing players like the 2.8 issue
  9. Sorry to be harsh but youre adding more perks so u can get money due to less patrons now
  10. Thanks someone mentioned this elsewhere but they arent scared of losing their accounts. I do understand ban evasion was a significant issue but I would say now they know they will go back on the network in 3months what’s the point. I’m completely happy to welcome the people who have made prior mistakes and have learnt. I As much as the intent isn’t to let all the trolls flood In as you’ll understand it lets the ones who didn’t mature back in and are there to cause trouble. Also as people have said “admins can’t be everywhere”which means they can still be a disturbance. Someone mentioned on the forum post that maybe 6-12 months is more suitable it still gives the good ones a chance but the trolls stay off for a lot longer meaning there aren’t as many at one time. Thanks for reading
  11. they all get banned then for ban evading but now they juust come back with no further sanction after 90 days
  12. There are two sides to the rule changes Pros: It gives the palyers who have screwed up a second chance also boosts player base and it does give them time to re habilitate and get to learn that rules are rules Cons: The people who are there just to be annoying arent just going to get cancelled and perm banned.These people with commitment will just keep causing issues and being mayhem as much as 90 days is a very long time these people who have been perm for months dont really care. Also if more trolls are on admins cant get to reports thinking they can be a nuisance till an admin shows or they get report banned which is day usually On a general note these rule changes do mean its a long ban but definatly admins need to be present a lot and reports/ban evading really needs to be cracking to make sure these guys get thrown right back off.I have hope but if it can work effectively im all in but if admins cant get to it then the roads of tmp are just going to be made worse. Also if this just make the servers horrible and not enjoyable maybe make the next ban for people with 5 active bans a perm to get them off again.Still gives them a chance but trolls are gone quicker and would bring calm. Tmp is a fun place to be but we all want it to be fun and if it is troll galore people will leave and tbh i would consider it as well. Thats my opinion Flight
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