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  1. Well, there is some people in the North, in Kirkenes, or East, the new road in Austria. But it, unfortunately, only focus on one road or city. If there is a lot more people on roads, it would be unplayable because of the circulation in these "busy cities" I play with friends and my company so I'm never alone outside the center of the Europe. And finally, about Reckless driving in big cities or roads like "Calais-Duisburg", I still like to go there, it's funny to see so many people and the ones who are too dangerous, I simply rec and report them on TruckersMP because no one wants to be annoyed by toxic players.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. I'm nearly 17 y.o. and was asking myself if driving on ETS2 with a wheel helped you pass your driving lessons IRL ? And also, the feeling while driving, is it similar in a real car ? Thanks for your answers. See you on the road !
  3. Well, my company wants us to drive with Scania. But I prefer the MAN E6, too much Scania on the roads.
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