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  1. nothings gonna change, Reports will time out in game, people will still drive like idiots and get away with it, online reports will still take 2 weeks to be answered and now mods can have their powertrip and not worry about being found out by the user Fantastic
  2. thats because they want traffic jams to then speed into in a skoda
  3. mayby 4 bans should be permanent if it involves a driving ban, if its for something said in chat it should be dependant on what it is, racist crap yes perma, telling someone to f off....nah.
  4. Scary thing is theres a road from calais to duisburg that is 2 laned the whole way and can handle the traffic but nobody wants to go that way. (ps its not the route marked but it goes via lille, liege, koln, dortmund and then into duisburg) https://imgur.com/uxcrq3T
  5. Wasn't today's session just the best? I'll let you know when i have my next montage up.

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    2. Somehow Lucky

      Somehow Lucky

      Here's the unedited version that i've sped up.


    3. Be4rdy


      something needs to be done. its a mare of a road. though im surprised im not banned again yet haha

    4. Somehow Lucky

      Somehow Lucky

      @Be4rdy Give it 2 weeks. You know reports from that day take that long to process. Still need to file mine.

  6. Just build a bridge over it....
  7. whilst your point is ok, some of the problems is bans are given out for language and ive been victim to that by power hungry gms, so giving driving tests to me is pointless because i wasnt banned for my driving.
  8. there is already a 2 lane road to Duisburg from Calais.. simple solution would be to close the current single lane carriageway on sim1 and force everyone to use the other route. Get rid of the cars even for patreon, Keep the buses because they are not as much of a hassle. set speed limits for roads in sim1,
  9. the cars and the drivers who just go out to cause hassle/crashes
  10. You do know the roadworks have been removed yea?
  11. Well the new "road" is a disappointment
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