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  1. I love seeing the rec ban comments, they never report anyway but its funny
  2. Go play forza horizon then just aimlessly drive about not bothering people instead of trying to play a truck sim with a car and moaning because you cant do more than 150 with collisions turned on
  3. why else would you want to drive a car at breakneck speeds with collisions on. go play forza horizon ffs
  4. Not denying you just want to drive fast as heck and crash into people your not going to win this argument,
  5. So you just want to crash into people like everyone else does who drives the cars
  6. Make a sentence that is understandable because you just seem to be mashing the keyboard in the hopes that something has been said
  7. Its in the name, if you want go faster go to arcade or better still play single player.
  8. 3 lanes both ways. remove the fuel stations or at least make them off slip roads. and a big truckstop in the middle. and ban the cars
  9. Be4rdy


    The report system is broken i dont see the point in reporting anymore. also the report limit doesnt reset after a month....im 5 weeks since my last report and its sill the same as it was then
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