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  1. Why? so the reports can time out and you be fine acting like a tool?
  2. swearing is not bannable unless you aimed it at somebody.
  3. its probably not helped that the jcb dlc has just come out aswell. so that will have to be worked in.
  4. It probably doesnt help that another dlc has been released aswell
  5. the in game reports are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot
  6. the reversing challenge will be painful to watch if you take into account 99% of the player base
  7. I actually got a thanks from somebody for slowing down the cd road yesterday (probably was being sarcastic) but hey btw it wasnt cause i was blocking it was cause my truck had 0 power and struggled.
  8. You must go on when its quiet because evertime i join theres always a car coming up th middle between all traffic causing accidents and just generally being a pain in the behind
  9. its like the ones in chat who are like REC BAN you know fine well they are going to do nothing with it.
  10. Heres how to solve the issue at kirkeness......simply go somewhere else
  11. so like it used to be, f9 for chat and f11 for names
  12. They were meant to focus more on in game reports but that seems to have not happened and every in game report just gets timed out,
  13. should be 90k max go to other servers if you wanna go a billion kmh
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