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  1. Hello @Leon Baker! I now tried that and my game runs slightly better. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I have a low-end PC and I would like to find the best graphics settings to make my game run better. Here are the specs: AMD FX 4100, AMD Radeon HD 6700, 8GB RAM. I don't want my game to look like shit but I also don't want it to run like shit. When I am the only one nearby(on TruckersMP) I have around 30-35 FPS with my graphics on medium. Please help!
  3. I love them. They are very well designed
  4. Hello! I want to make a suggestion. My suggestion is that you should add the ability to repair your trailer through the /fix command. It's not really fair for it to exist only for trucks and it doesn't make sense too because to fix your truck through /fix you need a trailer even if you can't use that command to repair the trailer
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