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  1. This American-style flyover might not seem appropriate in Calais, but it's a good idea
  2. It's not appropriate, it's going to be so many reports, it's going to be millions of reports, it's just not going to be able to handle it. However, you can extend the timeout period
  3. It's a pointless thing. There are a lot of times game moderators can not be online, they may need to work, rest, travel, etc., many times the in-game report is simply not processed, keep the site report is a must, otherwise many reckless driving players can not be banned.
  4. Or can turn on April Fool's Day c-d high-speed
  5. Blender is very difficult for me, but I am very supportive of you! Hope to achieve cooperation as soon as possible
  6. I will purchase love and life, which are very precious things
  7. No! Never! I basically have friends, but I don't! (I'm sad)
  8. Проверьте свою сеть, есть большая вероятность, что с сетью что-то не так!
  9. There is never anything wrong with a car, it is the player who drives it that is wrong
  10. I can drive trucks (including double trailers) and Skoda almost everywhere. I've been playing ETS2 for over 2400 hours, which is not difficult for me, just a little practice
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