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  1. They're back. Go and have a look. tmp already supports Winter mod.
  2. I think it is likely to be larger than 8 players in the future, which has great potential. It's possible.
  3. I think we should do something to deal with it. After all, it has more or less influence on truckersmp.
  4. Altas.

    Winter mod

    It should be soon. It's already snowing here. Winter has come.
  5. This is a good change! Hope to support more languages
  6. Is this a free update or a paid DLC? I want to know
  7. Great, I'm really looking forward to the official version!
  8. Kirkenes is more challenging. I like it better.
  9. No, this is a truck game, we should not devote too much energy to the research bus.
  10. To be exact, a signal must be provided, or it may collide.
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