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    Like simulator games like P3D, ETS2 and more. Programming in PHP, CSS/HTML, JS and Java. 7 year experience with them all.
  1. Hey guys! Made this website to show server status for ETS2MP. https://ets2.orbity.no/

  2. Alot of players on EU2 :ohttp://i.imgur.com/WKcd8I3.png

    1. Euro_Trucker


      EU 1 is full thats why :)

  3. Nebb

    0.1.8 has been released.

    Yey! Thanks for updating. Gonna drive the MB New Actros now
  4. Nebb

    I can´t connect for months!

    I don't think so. Maybe this could work? Open CMD (Windows Key + R and type "cmd.exe") and type ipconfig /flushdns
  5. Nebb

    FOV Mod

    An alternative should be that you can use F4 to adjust main camera (inside the truck).
  6. Nebb

    Error. New version 1.18.x don't supported

    Please be patient, it can take a while until the new update is here.
  7. Nebb

    I can´t connect for months!

    Have you tried to reconnect to your wifi/replug your ethernet cable? Tried to restart the router and the modem?
  8. Looking forward to 1.18 coming out for multiplayer. Wanna showoff my MB. Gotta have patience too
  9. Nebb

    News about Volvo

    Weird oO,